5 Weird Ways To Remove Cactus Spines


Unless left alone cacti are mean little plants that can inflict some serious pain, and if done right, a lot of it. Imagine you are hiking in the desert…go to cross some rocks…hear and then see a rattlesnake you back up slowly and trip landing in a cactus plant.

Bet you wish you knew the best way to pull those cactus spines from your pin-cushioned behind, well actually how someone else will pull the spines from your back-side.

Here are the 5 most popular methods of cactus spine removal.




infographic source: REI

Thankfully, since these cactus spines were in your rear, the graphic shows zero percent of spines were pulled with teeth…shewww!! ¬†Looks like tweezers/glue combo seems to be the best method for removing these pesky backside burners.

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