Awesome DIY Bamboo Knife


A bamboo knife can become a major life saver in the right situation. This knife, can't be sharpened to an edge that can be placed on a metal knife. However, it can be made sharp enough to cut meat and fruit.

Take your time to read this over, then watch the video so that you will be prepared if you are ever in the situation that you would need it.


DIY Bamboo Knife

You can actually make a knife out of bamboo that is not as sharp as you need it for shaving, but it will help you dismember a small animal. It works on meat or anything soft like that. You can cut yourself with it so be careful. I’ll show you how to make a knife with bamboo.


Bamboo KnifeI’m sure your wondering what in the world would you need a knife made out of bamboo since you need a knife like this to make it. If you have to ask that question then it’s obvious that you never traveled anywhere with Elmer. If you’re in a bug out situation with Elmer, then Elmer is not gonna have his knife with him. So, your gonna have to supply him with a knife, but you don’t want to give him yours because he will lose it or break it. So you have to give him a knife made out of bamboo. What you want is this green edge, it’s this hard outer part of the bamboo that is gonna make your cutting edge.


(Cutting and Shaping)

Bamboo Knife 2

I wanna cut off everything except the green. This end to that one. (More cutting and shaping) And this is my cutting edge, but when I was splitting it, it didn’t come off even so I’m gonna peel these pieces off and whats left is going to be sharp. In theory, but no because it dulled the edge so I just need to go again. This is a remarkable piece right there. That split should be sharp enough to cut so before I test it, make myself a handle that’s made to hold. Lets see if that’s sharp and will cut a piece of chicken. This is actually cutting better than it looks like it is. The issue is that I am trying not to scrape this bamboo along the cutting board because its going to dull very quickly. It cuts very well. It’s just that I am stopping before I get to the wood.


Bamboo Knife 3Okay! We don’t waste anything around here so I am gonna take these little shards and show you how to make a toothpick out of it. I’m gonna cut right here parallel to the green part. I’m just gonna split this right down..k. I’m just pulling these hairs off. Okay.



So, this is pretty thin, it is thinner on this end than it is on this end. K? So I’ve got this nice and thin and now I am gonna cut it at a very sharp angle. Cut that. Whatever you do with the toothpick you can do with this thing but you can also bind food together. For instance, if you go out and catch a wild rabbit. Wild rabbits don’t have a lot of fat on them and that meat will be pretty dry but if you happen to have some salt pork you can slice some bacon pieces out of it, wrap pieces of the rabbit meat and then use this to stick the bacon on it and hold it all together and uh also, I mean, you could use this as an intense interrogation device. So for instance your out with Elmer and wake up and find your knife missing or your gun and Elmer won’t tell you where he hid them, you can always use these to extract the information from him. Or you could just use it as a tooth pick. lol

Go to the blog and I’ll have a lot more information about bamboo and its uses in survival situations. I’ll see you at the blog!



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This could be a great survival skill to have should you become stranded in an area with bamboo present. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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