Cooking Coyote For Survival


Even though the coyote is a descendant of the gray wolf it is one of the most disdained critters in North America. Coyotes hunt larger prey in groups and attack their prey head on, as opposed to a wolf which attacks its prey from the rear.

When you are surviving in the winter do not think you are going to survive by gathering nuts and berries you will starve to death. You are more likely to survive by trapping small to medium size game than trying for days to take down a large deer.

One of the main take aways I got from this video is you MUST be willing to eat what you are able to catch to survive. Thus, you catch a coyote. You eat the coyote.

Watch the video now:



As you can see survival is just that, survival. It is not being picky and eating what you normally eat, it is not being grossed out. True survival throws all of the societal accepted practices out the window and keeps you alive.

Would you eat a coyote to survive?

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2009-Coyote-Yosemite” photo by Yathin S KrishnappaOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

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