Serious Bug-Out Auto Prepping Tips For SHTF


When it comes time to bug-out, how will you leave? On foot or by vehicle? I know that some folks live in the city and do not even own a car, but for most people an automobile is a viable option for getting out of Dodge quickly.

The presenters in this video goes into detail some of the best practices for preparing your vehicle for the bug-out.

Some of the issues they address are, do you know how far you can get with your vehicle on a full tank of gas? Have you practiced loading your vehicle to see how long it will take? What order should you pack in? Many more issues are addressed in the video;

Watch the video now and have your action plan for getting your vehicle prepped for SHTF



Well, if you are anything like me, there was quite a bit of information to glean from this video. I have some things to definitely work on with getting my vehicle ready to roll when I am forced to bug-out.

Remember, Keep Preppin!

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