[Video] Epic Technologies Of The Past – Why They Are Important To Self Reliance


When it comes to technology we tend to think of the latest computer chip, video graphics board or latest cell phone technology. However, we must remember there was a time when, what we think of now as simple technology, was new and innovative.

By understanding how things operate and how things are made we are better prepared for a major life changing event. We are more self-reliant in the instance that we understand how an old hurricane lantern works, how to forge our own tools, and how to grow or gather our own food.

This video gives a demonstration of some cool old technologies that were amazing innovations in their time and the presenter explains the importance of understanding these technologies.


Go to your local flea market and see what you can find. Garage and Estate sales are another great place to find these new primitive technologies. Pick some up, take them apart and understand how they work.

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