[Video] Quick And Easy Improvised Water Filter


In a disaster such as the flood in South Carolina earlier this year a lot of people were without water. Knowing how to make an improvised water filter would have been a great skill to have.

Even if you have water on hand knowing you have this skill can cut down on anxiety that you may run out. If you do have a large supply drinking water save it for drinking and use this filtered water for bathing and laundry and such.

All you need is a bucket, a way to cut a whole in the bottom of it, some sand, an old shirt, gravel and something to collect the clean water in. You will still need to boil the water after filtering just to make sure it is safe to drink.

Watch the video now:


For maximum safety you could filter the water several times each time will clean the water even more. Keep in mind that this will not rid your water of all harmful impurities and you should still boil it or treat it by other measures.

You have to admit, It is nice to know you can get clean water if you need it. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

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