[Video] Secrets To Quartering That Wild Boar


You need to learn to butcher all kinds of animals in a survival situation. You must be willing to eat what you catch. In order to eat what you catch you need to know how to prepare it for cooking. The hide, bristles and meat can be used on the wild boar and all should be utilized by the homesteader.

This video shows how to cape and quarter a wild boar hog. One of the main things about eating a wild hog is that you must make sure you cook the meat very well.

Wild hogs can carry parasites such as Trichinella spiralis which can infect humans. So remember, cook that hog really well. But just like domesticated pig it sure tastes good. Try it roasted over a spit.

Check out the video now.



Now you know how to take care of that hog should you be fortunate enough to kill one when you are trying to survive off of the land.

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