[Video] Somethings Fishy About This Lamp


I found this cool demonstration on how to make an oil lamp using a twig for a wick. I have seen, and it is discussed in this video, information on using cotton string, and cotton strips that are braided, as wicks.

However, this video intrigued me because I had never heard of using a twig.And, if that wasn't interesting enough I was introduced to a new fuel canister…


That's right sardines and twigs for lighting your way. But, you are probably saying wouldn't you be better served to eat the sardines? And you would be right, yes I would be better served to eat the sardines…that is why I am going to eat them after the lamp burns out.

Best of both worlds.

Watch the video now to check it out:



That was an interesting one. I guess sardines have there place in this world. I love them. Now I can love them twice as much as I use them for light and then food.

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